We are Berniecrats from the SF Peninsula / Silicon Valley area who believe in a society that works for everyone, not just the “one percent.” To build that society, we need a political revolution in which politics isn’t something you read about, it’s the way you make your voice heard every day.

We’re starting a new Democratic Club to make sure that the voice of change - the voice of the political left - will not continue to be silenced in a party that has lost its way.

Several of us were elected as Bernie Sanders delegates to the 2016 Philadelphia DNC, or as ADEM delegates who supported the inspirational Kimberly Ellis. We've worked on local progressive causes such as the Measure V rent control campaign in Mountain View. Rain or shine, we’re ready to knock on doors and bring change to our community.

We support:

  • Housing as a human right
  • A “Medicare for all” single payer healthcare system (SB 562)
  • Free college and pre-K; free child care
  • Ending the war on drugs, reforming the racist criminal justice system, and abolishing prison slavery
  • Sanctuary for immigrants, and comprehensive immigration reform
  • Climate justice and environmental protection
  • A universal basic income
  • Fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics
  • Democracy at work, through unions and worker-owned cooperatives
  • Democracy in the Democratic Party
Bayshore region of Assembly District 24

Bayshore region of Assembly District 24

Bayshore Progressive Democrats is open to anyone living in or near Assembly District 24 (especially the bayshore region), regardless of party affiliation. We hope you'll join the revolution!

  • Kacey Carpenter
    2017 CDP delegate and 2016 Bernie delegate
  • Johannes Muenzel
    2017 CDP delegate
  • Margaret Okuzumi
    2017 CDP delegate and 2016 Bernie delegate
  • Lenny Siegel
    Mountain View Vice Mayor, 2017 CDP delegate, and 2016 Bernie delegate
  • Cari Templeton
    2017 CDP delegate runner-up and 2016 Bernie alternate delegate

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