Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Bayshore Progressive Democrats is a group of friends, neighbors, and progressive volunteers that care about each other, care about our community and are committed to working together to help create a future to believe in. We are optimists in the people but skeptical of the special interest groups that fund donations to politicians to influence our democracy. We are open to new ideas, different people, and believe that together we can do anything.

We seek a world that works for everyone, where all humans have a chance to realize their full potential and to live lives of dignity and meaning within communities for generations to come.

Recognizing that current systems contribute to gross inequality and oppression, we believe that bringing about this world requires a widespread and high level of engagement with politics. Toward that end we will

  1. Encourage interest and engagement in political activities from a broad spectrum of our community,
  2. Engage with political theory and political, social and cultural analysis for insight into our lived experiences,
  3. Support deeper exploration of and community conversation around complex policy issues that shape our world,
  4. Provide trainings and education on political processes,
  5. Support progressive candidates in running for public office, such as our own members, as well as encourage participation in local governance,
  6. Work to shape the Democratic Party from the inside and out, and
  7. Strive to implement democratic processes and systems that reflect our values, and which can be replicated by the larger movement for social and economic justice.

In our operations we value transparency, gender equality, cooperation over coercion, diverse perspectives and respect for what people are able to contribute.