Our Team

As the officers of BPD, we're here to support your work in the club's working groups, to facilitate internal education and conversation, to share our knowledge, and to do our best to organize for the political priorities decided by you, the members of BPD.


Margaret Okuzumi


Margaret Okuzumi is known for her activism for progressive causes, receiving several awards over the years including the 2014 Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, and has served on numerous nonprofit boards and government commissions. She is currently the elected E-board rep from the 24th Assembly District to the California Democratic Party. Margaret was also an elected delegate to the DNC Convention for Senator Bernie Sanders and was elected by her peers to be one of the leaders of the CA Bernie delegation. She is a trained mediator with Community Boards in San Francisco.


Kacey Carpenter


Ken “Kacey” Carpenter is a parent, community volunteer, technology innovator, and progressive grassroots organizer. He served as a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention and as a volunteer to get out the vote in California and 10 other states, including co-leading 300 people from 30 states to Iowa. Kacey's journey with Bernie inspired him to continue to fight for the people after the primary. He formed the NorCal4OurRevolution group, ran for Mountain View City Council, helped to pass Measure V (rent control), and won election as a California Democratic Party delegate. Now he's ready to bring his energy to the Bayshore Progressive Democrats!

Krishna Raghunath


Krishna Raghunath is a photographer and video producer with a penchant for social media and social causes. She recently got in over her head in the 2016 Democratic primary where she was a runner up in her local district delegate election. She was also a volunteer phone banker, knocked on doors to register voters, entered data as part of the Bernie Data Team and created illustrations and social media shorts for WhyBernie.tv. She is passionate about participatory democracy and seeks to open dialogue about how we can create a more vibrant, inclusive future that works for everyone. 

Lenny Siegel

Director At-Large

Lenny Siegel was elected to the Mountain View City Council in November 2014, where he currently serves as mayor, on a platform of building more housing and more affordable housing in centers of employment and near transit. He is founder of the Campaign for a Balanced Mountain View. He was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. For his day job, he serves as Executive Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight. He is one of the American environmental movement’s leading experts on both military facility contamination and the vapor intrusion pathway. In July 2011 Siegel was awarded U.S. EPA’s Superfund Citizen of the Year award.


Cari Templeton

Director At-Large

Carolyn "Cari" Templeton campaigned, canvassed, hosted volunteers, painted cars, and fought however she could for Bernie Sanders, and became an alternate delegate for him in CD18. Cari has been involved in women’s and diversity groups in the workplace and the community. As a proud, progressive Berniecrat, she's passionate about equal rights for women, LGBTQ people, and people of color, and believes we need to restore the middle class through a $15 minimum wage, free college, "Medicare for all," and further key reforms. She is currently an elected California Democratic Party delegate.

Parker Mankey



Johannes Muenzel


Johannes Muenzel was inspired to get involved in politics by Bernie Sanders. Since the 2016 election, he has won a California Democratic Party delegate and County Central Committee slots, become Political Director of the Peninsula Young Democrats, and worked as part of the Silicon Valley branch of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). With DSA, he has organized and participated in canvassing, tabling, and phonebanking towards a "Medicare for all" single payer healthcare system in California. He believes socialists and progressives should support policies that shift power from organized money to organized people, and is excited help build local progressive power with BPD.